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RICH2007 in Trieste

RICH2007-NIM A Young Scientists' Award

There have been nine applications for the "RICH2007-NIM A Young Scientists' Award".

NameInstitute Contribution typeContribution title
Andrea BERSANIINFN Sezione di GenovaPoster A new Direction-Sensitive Optical Module to be employed in Deep-sea Neutrino Telescopes
Sean BRISBANEUniversity of OxfordTalk The operation of the LHCb RICH photon detection system in a charged particle test beam
Stefano LEVORATOUniversità di TriestePoster Remote alignment of large mirror array for RICH detectors
Levente MOLNARINFN Sezione di BariTalk The ALICE HMPID detector ready for collisions at the CERN/LHC
Maria Angela NITTIINFN Sezione di BariTalk Performance Analysis of Poly- and Nano-Crystalline Diamond based Photocathodes
Davide PEREGOINFN Sezione di Milano BicoccaPoster Ageing Tests and Recovery Procedures of Silica Aerogel
Valeria SCAPINUniversità di UdinePoster Recent results from the MAGIC telescope
Federica SOZZIUniversità di TriesteTalk Pattern Recognition and PID for COMPASS RICH-1
Giacomo VOLPEINFN Sezione di BariTalk Gas Cherenkov detectors for high momentum charged particle identification in the ALICE experiment at LHC

It has been awarded to    FEDERICA SOZZI   PhD student in Physics at Università di Trieste, with the following motivation:

" For her relevant contributions to the exploitation of the COMPASS-RICH1 detector in both the first and the upgraded versions and for the clear and well focused talk given at RICH2007 in which she provided a comprehensive description of the complex work of detector characterization carried out by her. "


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