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INFN Sezione di Trieste

RICH2007 in Trieste

Paper Submission

Presentation and poster manuscripts should be written in LaTeX using the NIM-A elsart3p.cls document class. The document class, as well as layout styles and tutorials can be found at this link from Elsevier. TeX and LaTeX is available for any Linux distribution. For Windows a free and well done TeX implementation can be found here.

Maximum Length:

  • 8 pages, standard NIMA for the invited talks
  • 4 pages, standard NIMA for the contributed talks and the posters

The files should be upload to the server: the conference direct link is If you forgot how to upload files to you can find the instructions here.

Please, at uploading, select "PAPER" as material type in the indico menu.

Two documents have to be uploaded:

  • A PDF version of the paper.
  • A TAR or ZIP archive containing all needed sources (i.e. TeX file, figures, etc.).

To help us to correctly manage the uploaded material, please follow the two following prescriptions:

  • The file name shoulf be in the form <name>-<type>-<your version>.<extention>:
    e.g. smith-talk-1.pdf,,, etc...
    About versions: you can change the version only after receiving feed-back from the referees. The version number of the uploaded files at submission must be 1.
  • Kindly inform us, as soon as you submit your files, with an e-mail to in such a way that we can protect the newly uploaded files.

Dead line for material uploading: 15 December 2007.
Late uploaded material will not be included in the proceedings.


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