Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - Sezione di Trieste

INFN Sezione di Trieste

RICH2007 in Trieste


A new Direction-Sensitive Optical module to be employed in Deep-sea neutrino Telescopes
Andrea Bersani

Using Water Cherenkov Detectors at the Large Aperture GRB Observatory
Xavier Bertou

TUNKA Cherenkov Extensive Air Shower Experiment in Tunka Valley
Bayarto Lubsandorzhiev

Use of floating surface detector stations for the calibration of a deep-sea neutrino telescope
Apostolos Tsirigotis

The Barrel DIRC of the PANDA experiment
Carsten Schwarz

The Endcap DIRC of the PANDA experiment
Peter Schönmeier

Compact water cherenkov counter
Yuriy Bashmakov

ArcaLux-a novel mass-producible flat-panel photon detector for homeland security and high-energy astrophysics
Daniel Ferenc

The characterisation of the multianode photomultiplier tubes for the RICH-1 upgrade project at COMPASS
Andreas Teufel

Progress in Aerogel Synthesis in Novosibirsk
Alexander Danilyuk

Remote alignment of large mirror array for RICH detectors
Stefano Levorato

Ageing Tests and Recovery Procedures of Silica Aerogel
Davide Luigi Perego

Likelihood analysis of patterns in a Time-of-propagation (TOP) counter
Peter Križan

Design optimization of the proximity focusing RICH with dual aerogel radiator using a maximum-likelihood analysis of Cherenkov rings
Rok Pestotnik

Cherenkov radiation discovery history
Elena Cherenkova

Recent results from the MAGIC telescope
Valeria Scapin

A Magnetic Spectrometer RICH (MASRICH)
Massimo Lenti

COMPASS RICH-1 mirrors - towards an absolute alignment with CLAM by camera calibration and photogrammetry
Jean-Christophe Gayde

Scintillation yield of CF4
Nikolai Smirnov


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